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    All Star Diamond is a prime manufacturer of lab grown diamonds.  Our lab diamonds represent the future of conflict free diamonds while still maintaining the highest standards of worker safety and respect for environmental sustainability. At our state of the art production facility we adhere to strict standards of safety and respectful working conditions for all employees, we will accept nothing less than this standard. 

    Lab Grown Diamonds are identical in Composition to earth grown diamonds. There are 2 methods utilized in the making of Lab Grown Diamonds., HPHT and CVD.


    HPHT – High Pressure High Temperature Diamond Method

    Each process starts with a little diamond seed, which is placed in carbon and put under very high pressure and temperature to grow the diamond. HPHT simulates natural growing process deep inside the Earth’s crust. The HPHT lab diamond is physically, optically, and chemically identical to a mined diamond with no discernible differences.


    CVD Diamond Method

    Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) may be a more recently developed technique by which diamonds are often grown from a hydrocarbon gas mixture. Within the CVD Diamond process, a thin slice of diamond seed (often an HPHT produced diamond) is placed during a sealed chamber and heated to around 800 degrees Celsius. The chamber is then filled with a carbon-rich gas (usually methane) alongside other gases. Then, the gases are ionized into plasma using microwaves, lasers, or another technique. The ionization split the molecular bonds within the gases, and the pure carbon adheres to the diamond seed and slowly builds up into a crystal, atom by atom, layer by layer to make a beautiful ldiamond. .

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